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The Integer Group ( is one of the world's largest promotional, retail, and shopper marketing agencies, and a key member of Omnicom Group Inc. Integer lives at the Intersection of Branding and Selling®, driving transaction and creating seamless brand experiences for shoppers. Integer works with a broad set of clients across several categories including retail, beverage, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, home and shelter, automotive aftermarket, and power sports. Integer has approximately 1,200 employees across the globe, including locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America. Join the conversation on shopping culture and brand strategy at

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LocalisationParis, France



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400 12 34 56 78

[email protected]

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AmericanFamily DreamVault

AmericanFamily DreamVault

janvier 2015
janvier 2015

AmericanFamily DreamVault

DreamVault is an app created for iOS and Android devices that assists policyholders and potential policyholders by delivering a tangible extension to American Family's core brand message of "protecting your American Dream." For years, people have lost out on genuine insurance claims because they didn't keep detailed documentation of their belongings. DreamVault solves that problem by providing organization and protection, and allows the company to stay true to their promise of processing claims faster than the competition.

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Catchatronic" Pokémon "Gotta Catch ‛Em All" Mix

Catchatronic" Pokémon "Gotta Catch ‛Em All" Mix

janvier 2015
janvier 2015

Catchatronic" Pokémon "Gotta Catch ‛Em All" Mix

A pop culture phenomenon of the late 1990s, Pokémon had steadily devolved into a fervent subculture of fans who were quickly beginning to outgrow the franchise. Pokémon came to us and asked for help in launching their latest video game, but we quickly surmised that what they really needed was a re-launch of their brand.

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