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About MAD Kings

Are you achieving your targeted growth?
Are you taking advantage of the data that you already have to drive your growth?
Are you generating enough ROI?
Is your organization agile and swift enough to stay ahead of your competition by disrupting the market?

At MAD Kings, we drive growth by truly understanding your target users psychological triggers, leverage those triggers by different growth marketing tactics and focus on translating them into your business goals.
To achieve your business goals, we use agile and rapid experimentation approach, while building synergies between your and our team to ensure the best growth rate for you and your organization.


Our clients include wonderful companies such as Microsoft, Lampiris, IPM, Toyo Tires, Ardennes-Etape, My Social Book, Formyfit...


What makes us different? 


1. Marketing meets Technology

Marketing has become highly technical. Our team of marketers, developers, designers and data scientists work closely together on projects to annihilate that gap and provide your customers with a wonderful experience across the entire journey. 

2. Methodology

Marketers spending all their money on campaigns will soon all disappear. Our agile, data-driven, full-funnel process allows us to allocate the right resources on the right actions and quickly decide whether to kill or scale ideas or experiments. 

3. ROI

If you don't have a clear metrics dashboard with your cost of customer acquisition and your customer lifetime value per persona, chance is high that you're wasting a lot of money. We constantly strive for the highest margins and ROI in everything we do.  Our most important KPI is your growth.

4. Transparency

As we're passionate about data, our clients always have a crystal clear view on the latest developments and results. 

5. Knowledge Sharing 

We strongly believe that by educating your teams, we'll work faster and better together in the long-term. We have no interest in projects, only in long-term and passionate relationships.

6. Co-Creation

You know your business, we know how to grow a business in the digital age. Only by working closely together in the elaboration of your growth strategy and its execution can we achieve exponential growth. 

7. We Care

We know it's cheesy but it's true. We work with companies building products that improve people's lives and it becomes our passion to get it used worldwide. 


Let's start growing together, now. 

Works (2) by MAD Kings

Marketing Campaign for LampirisJanuary 2018
Mobile Optimisation & Growth by MAD Kings
Mobile Optimisation & GrowthFebruary 2018

Services (4) offered by MAD Kings

Digital Strategy

€5000 – €500000

At MAD Kings we combine technology, creativity and analytics to elaborate the perfect advertising campaign for your company. This entails establishing business goals, doing an audience analysis and creating the omnichannel advertising content for your company. While creating your campaigns, we always rely on an optimisation loop supported by analytics.

Marketing Automation
Growth Hacking
ROI Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Integrated Strategy
Digital Strategy
Stratégie marketing
Stratégie digitale
Marketing Strategy
growth strategy
Growth Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Content Strategy
Content Marketing and Distribution
Mobile App Marketing
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Content Strategy

€6000 – €1000000

Online Advertising

€15000 – €500000

With a perfect combination of creative marketing and technical expertise, our team will deliver the right content to the right people at the right time and through the right channels. We'll provide you with the highest ROI through our process of constant and data-driven optimisation. In other words, we will not rest until we deliver on our promise!

Facebook Ads
Google AdWords
Réseaux Sociaux
Instagram Ads
Social Advertising
Social Network Advertising
Landing Page Design
Inbound Marketing
Digital Marketing
Online Marketing
YouTube Ads
Content & Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Social Media Advertising
LinkedIn Ads
User Acquisition
messenger marketing
Facebook Messenger Chatbot
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€10000 – €1000000

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Alexis- Martial Alexis- Martial check_circle_outlineThis reviewer has been verified by Sortlist.

Marketing Manager at internetVista

business Unknown industry

people Unknown size

a year ago

Dropbox or Airbnb’s massive growth hasn’t come overnight, they set the right methodology to reach it. That’s what you’ll learn from this workshop. What is Growth Hacking and How to implement a framework that’ll make your company grow.

Overall rating


Romain TrigauxRomain Trigauxcheck_circle_outlineThis reviewer has been verified by Sortlist.

Founder at 4senses

business Unknown industry

people Unknown size

a year ago

Très bon suivi avec MAD Kings. Nous avons bénéficié d'un véritable accompagnement. MAD Kings a été un partenaire puisque tout a été fait en concertation avec nous. A chaque action s'en suivait après un débriefing. C'est aussi une société qui a une bonne réactivité avec plein de bonnes idées et de l'expérience.

Overall rating


Kevin FrançoisseKevin Françoissecheck_circle_outlineThis reviewer has been verified by Sortlist.

CEO at Sagacify

business Unknown industry

people Unknown size

a year ago

I followed their Growth Hacking 2 days training. I had zero background in marketing priori to it and this training bootstrapped me with almost everything there is to know about the field. I now know the basics to put in place marketing automation technics from customer awareness and acquisition to customer retention in our SaaS apps.

Overall rating