Ergonomie web (UX) pour District Immobilier : 'District Real Estate'

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Secteur du client : Immobilier
Service rendu : Ergonomie web (UX)
Audience : Business to Consumer
Portée géographique: International
Tags : ergonomy, UI, ux, Real Estate

District Immobilier is a famous real estate agency in Paris, offering high-end properties in the best districts of Paris.

We support the company since 2011 in its digital strategy, and have recently completed a UX revamping of their main website.

We have managed a user centric approach in the revamping, trying to better understand the digital behavior of the website users. We have thoroughly analysed statistics from 2011 until 2015, in order to start the UX revamping.

Then, we have conducted UX workshops that included the client in the process, and conducted rapid sketching.

Then, we have proposed various HTML prototyping, and iterated with the client until a final HTML prototype.

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District Real Estate

District Real Estate

Ergonomie (UX/UI)ergonomie web, ux design, expérience utilisateur, ui design, design d interface
Real Estate

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