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Secteur du client : Accessoires & vêtements
Service rendu : Marketing de contenu
Audience : Business to Consumer
Portée géographique: International
Tags : Snapchat, vine, Instagram, influencer, engagement planning, Brand Content, Social Media

Our objective for Lacoste was to make the brand more desirable and relevant to a younger urban target, to embody the new brand positioning "Life is a beautiful Sport" through the relevant digital touchpoints for that target.

The idea : Turn Lacoste into the most social-innovative brand, by affirming a more contemporary positioning (« Life is a beautiful sport ») and leveraging cutting-edge social usages. 

- On Vine: A collaboration with star Viner Zach King (3M fans) to promote the launch of the new website 

- On Snapchat : Lacoste was the first fashion brand to create a Snapchat account, and launched an innovative recruitment operation, #SpotTheCroc, to drive traffic to the e-store 

- On Instagram : Lacoste launched the first social style guide, asking 15 KOLs to share their own way of wearing the iconic Lacoste polo shirt, and tagging their friends to invite them to participate. 

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Lacoste brand content strategy

Lacoste brand content strategy

Stratégie de contenumarketing de contenu, content marketing strategy, marketing content, processus marketing, content marketing
Accessoires & vêtements
engagement planning
Brand Content
Social Media

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