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#WHAT : We design digital strategies, we develop smart platforms and interfaces, we build content and acquisition plans that make sense for your business.  - Digital Studio : Website and mobile application design, UX Design, development  - Content Marketing : Branding, Editorial strategy, Community Management, multilingual Copywriting, Social Media strategy, Podcasts and Video production SEO, SEA, Paid Social, lead generation  - Consulting : Consulting in innovation and disruption, digital transformation, economic modeling and organization. #WHY : We are obsessed with bringing people on efficient, inspiring and beautiful digital journeys. #WHO : - Created in 2013 by a quartet of digital entrepreneurs  - HQ located in Paris (75017)  / Offices in London, Paris ans Tunis   - A team of 60+ curious minds hungry for new challenges                                                                                                                    - A year-on-yer growth of 50%                        #HOW : We help brands and businesses understand their markets and their hidden strengths  to write their story and convey it to their communities in its best form. - Startup Culture : It’s our unfair advantage : the startup spirit that runs through our veins. We are efficiency champs – effective solutions, quick as a flash. We can do a lot – with just a little. - Agility : We customise our teams to meet your needs. And we have an expert for everything. We take action! And adapt our solutions along the way. We believe that there is always room for improvement. - Critical Thinking : We challenge, and accept challenges. We say what’s on our mind. (The same to you as between ourselves) With kindness and a sense of humour. And we’ll never make excuses.
80 personnes dans leur équipe
Parle Anglais, Français
17 projets dans leur portfolio
Travaille à distance à travers le monde
Membre Sortlist depuis 2017
Fondée en 2012


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    Compétences en Création de site internet (8)
    SEMWordPressSEOMaintenanceUX/UI DesignPrestaShopMagentoHébergement
    Projets en Création de site internet (10)
    TAG Heuer - Création de site internet
    Livres Hebdo - Création de site internet
    Andros Chef - Création de site internet
    CNRS - Création de site internet
    Clients en Création de site internet (10)
    LancômeLuxe et Joaillerie | international
    ViverisMatériel et Equipement IT | national
    GobiAccessoires & vêtements | international
    Andros ChefAlimentaire | international

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    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Compétences en Réseaux sociaux (5)
    SEMSEOBrand ContentAcquisition de trafficGrowth Hacking
    Projets en Réseaux sociaux (5)
    Domaines Barons de Rothschild - Réseaux sociaux
    Andros Chef - Réseaux sociaux
    H. Moser & Cie - Réseaux sociaux
    Convictions RH - Réseaux sociaux
    Clients en Réseaux sociaux (5)
    Andros ChefAlimentaire | international
    SymbiosisHôpitaux et Santé | national
    Convictions RHRessources humaines | national
    H. Moser & CieLuxe et Joaillerie |

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17 projets ajoutés par CosaVostra

TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer

Collaboration en cours avec TAG Heuer dans l'industrie Luxe et Joaillerie pour un public B2C depuis 2020.The famous Swiss watch brand wanted to launch a podcast and a digital magazine to reach a wider audience than its traditional fanbaseCosavostra realized for them The Edge (, an online magazine which is made of brand's codes and explores the territories it invests (sport, gaming, design...) always with freshness and humor !The podcast created for the brand is inspired by its motto "Don't crack under pressure" and personalities from all fields talk about the difficulties they had to overcome to be succesful with Teo van den Broeke, style director at GQ.

Création de site internetRédaction et traductionStratégie de contenu+1
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Domaines Barons de Rothschild
Domaines Barons de Rothschild

Collaboration en cours avec Domaines Barons de Rotschild dans l'industrie Vins et Spiritueux pour un public B2B / B2C depuis 2016.DBR worked with Cosavostra to build their social media strategy with the aim of rejuvenating their image, both with their consumers (reaching a wider and younger audience) and with their distributors / the Mondovino world of wine critics.

Design & graphismeRédaction et traductionRéseaux sociaux+2
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Richemont Group
Richemont Group

Collaboration en cours avec Richemont dans l'industrie Luxe et Joaillerie pour un public B2B / B2C depuis 2020.Luxury group Richemont is deploying Salesforce across all of its subsidiaries wanted to engage all of its employees by creating a unique brand experience around this operational transition.Thanks to its varied expertise, Cosavostra was able to develop the Elevate program for them, which includes the CRM solution and the training to master it.

Design & graphismeStratégie de contenuStratégie digitale
En savoir plus

Collaboration en cours avec Google dans l'industrie Matériel et Equipement IT pour un public B2B depuis 2019.We worked with Google to promote the Google Chromebook for the Google Retail Operations Team in a creative way. BtoB communication can be as dry and corporate as a LinkedIn post with no likes. OR it can tell a real story about how you mobilise your teams around your brand...

Ergonomie (UX/UI)Stratégie de contenuStratégie digitale
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Livres Hebdo
Livres Hebdo

Collaboration en cours avec Livres Hebdo dans l'industrie Edition pour un public B2C depuis 2020.Livres Hebdo entrusted us with the conception and design of its new website, designed to improve the digital experience of its subscribers and to recruit a new and wider audience.

Création de site internetErgonomie (UX/UI)Stratégie de contenu+1
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Andros Chef
Andros Chef

Collaboration en cours avec Andros Chef dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2C depuis 2020.Andros Chef, the professional brand of the Andros Group, was looking for an agency to raise its profile with CHR clients. To achieve that goal, they were looking at rebooting their social media strategy and their website, translating the identity they had defined in their new brand platform.We adapted their new editorial guidelines on their Instragram account and launched their Linkedin page. We also setted-up a growth-hacking strategy for CHR targets, which already increased by 25% their Instagram fanbase in only 3 months of operation. We keep working on their new fully tailored website.

Création de site internetRédaction et traductionRéseaux sociaux+2
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Pierre-Emmanuel BardonMarketing Manager Group Food Services chez Andros
CosaVostra est une agence humaine qui a su très rapidement comprendre la complexité de notre activité et nos enjeux de communication pour un accompagnement quotidien très personnalisé.

Albin ServiantCEO chez TÊTU Ventures
CosaVostra est mon partenaire de confiance pour innover. Pour développer et designer notre site, streamer nos événements et trouver des fonds afin de financer nos projets de développement digitaux.

Phillip MeyerGroup Client Marketing Director chez Richemont Group
« We are extremely pleased to work with such a talented and committed team. We also appreciate Cosavostra being in both London and Paris, a double culture that makes for a perfect match. »

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  • Siège social71 Rue de Saussure, 75017 Paris, France

  • 8 Place de la Bourse, 33000 Bordeaux, France

  • 2 Hertford Rd, Haggerston, London N1 5EW, UK

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