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ActiveMedia Lisbonne, Portugal

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Parle Anglais, Portugais
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Travaille à distance à travers le monde
Membre Sortlist depuis 2019
Fondée en 2002
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    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Projets en Création de site internet (3)
    Branding and Webdesign for Refugees Well School - Création de site internet
    Webdesign and Platform Migration for R2 Insurance - Création de site internet
    Branding and Webdesign for Palosic Trading - Création de site internet
    Clients en Création de site internet (3)
    R2 Insurance BrokerAssurance | national
    Palosic TradingBiens et services industriels | international
    Refugees Well SchoolÉducation | international

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Projets en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (2)
    Projecto Pessoa - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    App for ticket inspectors of CP - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Clients en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (2)
    Projecto PessoaGouvernement et administration | national
    CPTransport | national

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5 projets ajoutés par ActiveMedia

Projecto Pessoa
Projecto Pessoa

Projet réalisé pour Projecto Pessoa dans l'industrie Gouvernement et administration pour un public B2B / B2C.Named after the great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, this project was about transforming a heavy usage public service website, with a higher rank of usability and user experience.Why Pessoa? Because our users has different roles along their live, as Pessoa had several heteronyms, representing different characters and entities.Above all, it was necessary to create a responsive site, adapted to several types of devices.

Ergonomie (UX/UI)
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Branding and Webdesign for Refugees Well School
Branding and Webdesign for Refugees Well School

Projet réalisé pour Refugees Well School dans l'industrie Éducation pour un public B2C.RefugeesWellSchool is an EU funded project that promotes the integration of refugee children and teenagers in their new socio-cultural background. Together, academic partners from seven countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and the United Kingdom), organize several types of educational initiatives for two main target audiences: One mainly academic, based on teachers/researchers and other with a broader scope, but essentially composed by students.

Création de site internet
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Webdesign and Platform Migration for R2 Insurance
Webdesign and Platform Migration for R2 Insurance

Projet réalisé pour R2 Insurance Broker dans l'industrie Assurance pour un public B2B.R2 We look at a website as a human being in continuous transformation. As such, it needs to adapt to new uses/needs in order to survive and grow. So, we embraced our challenge with this mindset, aiming to redesign R2’s website to promote the best possible user experience. Launched in 2012, R2 is an insurance broker based in the Lisbon area. It has multiple partnerships with big insurance companies and it provides a professional and efficient service. We started to analyze the older site through Google Analytics and Hotjar, and had a couple talks with the commercial team and the management. Thus, we concluded that it was necessary to review the information architecture as a way to improve the site’s usability level. So, we decided to highlight three major areas: “For You/Families”, “Business” and “Residential”, placing them right in the new header section. We kept the Wordpress platform, but adapted the contents and reconfigured the information architecture. R2 Insurance. Solutions for you, for your company and for your house.

Création de site internet
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Branding and Webdesign for Palosic Trading
Branding and Webdesign for Palosic Trading

Projet réalisé pour Palosic Trading dans l'industrie Biens et services industriels pour un public B2B.When we think about trading companies, we don’t immediately associate them with top-notch webdesign or communication trends, but rather with a more standardized, rigid approach. So, we tried to change that by improving the site’s UX as a way to give Palosic’s team and customers the best possible site.To do that, we based our work on some keywords that made part of the business’s DNA, such as “Way”, “Center”, “Import”, “Export”, “Go”, “Return”, “Masculine” and “Send”.We focused on creating a strong, masculine logo, able to transmit the idea of import/export, to go and return.Imagining the symbol in motion has itself helped us to create it, as movement boosted this concept of voyage. Moreover, by using “send” as keyword, we were able to give this brand some fluidity, which we called “Way”.

Création de site internet
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App for ticket inspectors of CP
App for ticket inspectors of CP

Projet réalisé pour CP dans l'industrie Transport pour un public B2B.One of our most challenging UX projects, was the design of a new app for the portuguese railways company, CP. The app is a work tool for ticket inspectors, to sell, validate and provide information to customers.Following the design thinking method, we started with an immersion process, where the tickets inspectors had the chance to talk about their current issues, the daily problems and they wishes for the new app.We wanted to know which features should be emphasized or more concealed. We decided to create two types of interface, each with a different colour, adapted to use in a moving train and during long hours of work.We ended up developing new features and new approaches that we had to validate both with the IT Partner, Fujitsu Technology and the stakeholders before the User Interface Design.Another aim of this new design was to reduce the training time needed to operate with the app and the respective learning curve for the new inspectors.The app is rolling out at this moment and being tested along different train lines in Portugal.

Ergonomie (UX/UI)
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  • Siège socialR. Filipe Folque 2, 1050-210 Lisboa, Portugal

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