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Spill is a creative agency  with an international team of strategists, designers, project managers and technologists, sharing one strong creative signature, grounded in a holistic approach to understanding the world, and our clients.  Who does Spill work for? Hermès, Chanel, Costes, Cartier, Renzo Piano Building Workshop and a long list of other image and design driven clients. What does Spill do? Creative Strategy & Consulting Telling Stories Visual Identity & Design Digital Innovation Who is behind Spill? Liz Stirling is a sought-after Art Director and Fine Artist with a penchant for felt-based thoroughbreds. She is pleased when her art / work balance is tipsy. Liz is from Melbourne. Nicholas Mir Chaikin founded Spill knowing that code can be art and pleasure can be non-linear. He is happiest imagining tales and conjuring desire. He also teaches strategy and design at the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM). Nicholas is from New York City. Christophe Le Bars knows how to tweak a stack. Complex architectures are his stomping ground. Christophe became a partner in 2006 and keeps Spill ahead of the technology curve, and creative processes running smoothly. Christophe is from Paris. How does Spill talk? Our studio is in Paris but our work is 1/2 in France & 1/2 International — in practice the agency is international. Here we speak: English, French, Russian, Mandarin, Thai, Bambara, Maninka, Lithuanian, Spanish, Serbian, Australian, Brooklyn, and L.A. We also speak JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, Git, Vagrant, Sass, DOM, Xpath, et al. Talk to us. Hello.
15 personnes dans leur équipe
Parle Anglais, Chinois, Français, Lituanien, Russe
9 projets dans leur portfolio
Travaille à distance à travers le monde
Membre Sortlist depuis 2017
Fondée en 1997
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    Projets en Stratégie de contenu (5)
    Cartier Women's Awards Initiative - Stratégie de contenu
    RPBW - Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Stratégie de contenu
    Alchemist.miami - Stratégie de contenu
    Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain - Stratégie de contenu
    Clients en Stratégie de contenu (5)
    Alchemist.miamiLuxe et Joaillerie | national
    CartierLuxe et Joaillerie | international
    RPBWArchitecture et Urbanisme | international
    Fondation CartierArt & Artisanat | international

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  • Description
    Sites internet, e-commerces, ..
    Projets en Création de site internet (8)
    Cartier Women's Awards Initiative - Création de site internet
    Martin Grant - Création de site internet
    RPBW - Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Création de site internet
    Alchemist.miami - Création de site internet
    Clients en Création de site internet (8)
    RPBWArchitecture et Urbanisme | international
    CartierLuxe et Joaillerie | international
    Alchemist.miamiLuxe et Joaillerie | national
    Martin GrantLuxe et Joaillerie | international

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9 projets ajoutés par Spill.net

Cartier Women's Awards Initiative
Cartier Women's Awards Initiative

Projet réalisé pour Cartier dans l'industrie Luxe et Joaillerie pour un public B2B / B2C en 2018.The Cartier Women's Initiative Award selects women entrepreneurs from a large pool of candidates to provide funding and strategic help to young and promising businesses from all sectors.Spill strategized with Cartier to help get the word out. Work included: Strategy, a new Visual Identity, Art Direction and Design as well as the build of their new website using the group's existing software choice. A host of other communication tools are under elaboration.

Création de site internetDesign & graphismeE-mailing+5
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Projet réalisé pour Hermès dans l'industrie Accessoires & vêtements pour un public B2C en 2017.Hermès is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837. They are one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world.Hermès has been working with Spill for several years on many different projects. Through each campaign that we have worked on for the brand, we have been able to go further in our creativity.Whether it is through short movies or content strategy for their blog, we have been able to keep the iconic essence of Hermès to stay true to the brand yet offer a different experience each time to the customer.

Image de marque & brandingStratégie digitale
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Martin Grant
Martin Grant

Projet réalisé pour Martin Grant dans l'industrie Luxe et Joaillerie pour un public B2C en 2017.Australian designer Martin Grant has been a part of the Spill world since they both started in Paris. They continue to work very closely on identity. We created their website in partnership with Olivier Riquet.

Création de site internetImage de marque & brandingPhotographie+1
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RPBW - Renzo Piano Building Workshop
RPBW - Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Projet réalisé pour RPBW dans l'industrie Architecture et Urbanisme pour un public B2B en 2017.Renzo Piano Building Workshop is an international architectural practice with offices in Paris, Genoa and New York.The studio is led by 11 partners, including its founder, the architect Renzo Piano, who won the Pritzker Prize in 1998. Since its creation in 1981, RPBW has completed over 120 projects across Europe, North America, Australia and East Asia.RPBW buildings include the London Bridge Tower (The Shard), the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center in Athens, the new campus for Columbia University in New York, the Palais de Justice in Paris and the Whitney Museum of American Art. In 2017, the Pompidou Center in Paris, designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, celebrates its 40th anniversary.The two major concerns that RPBW had were :Updating the website to represent current practices and the multiple devices of the current digital world, with an eye towards simplicity, elegance and clear messaging.Beginning a process of communicating which insures the pertinence and commercial serenity of the practice — a practice — which represents an aesthetic and method more durable than any one person within that practice.

Création de site internetImage de marque & brandingRéseaux sociaux+2
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Projet réalisé pour Alchemist.miami dans l'industrie Luxe et Joaillerie pour un public B2C.Alchemist has a unique concept, beautiful stores in the trendiest buildings, strong editorial & item selection, and an incredible range of collaborations with designers, artists, architects, stores, celebrities, record labels. To reflect that, an exceptional online experience needs to be created.Spill will suggested a concept & strategy for the development of the initial website. We provided our creative & art direction recommendations and assisted in content integration. Spill created a graphic and technical framework to highlight the content provided by Alchemist.miami

Création de site internetStratégie de contenuStratégie digitale
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Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain
Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain

Projet réalisé pour Fondation Cartier dans l'industrie Art & Artisanat pour un public B2C en 2018. The Cartier Foundation is a creative space for artists and a place where art and the general public can meet, they are dedicated to promoting contemporary art. Spill and Cartier have been working together for over 10 years.Spill created their e-shop as well as a mini-site for their magnificent garden.

Création de site internetDesign & graphismeE-commerce+2
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