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Hoeilaart, Belgique
Your Communication Partner!
Wens je meer of andere klanten? Een sterk(er) imago? Luna is jouw one-stop-shop voor een waaier aan (niet-betalende) communicatieactiviteiten. Als veelzijdige partner zetten we je bedrijf in the picture. Souhaitez-vous changer, augmenter votre clientèle ou développer une image forte ? Luna est votre guichet unique pour une pléiade d’activités de communication. En tant que partenaire polyvalent, nous mettons votre entreprise en lumière. Do you want to win new clients or build a stronger image? Luna is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of editorial and other communication activities. We put your company in the spotlight! Onze troeven | Nos atouts | Our strengths: • Meedenken |Nous vous accompagnons dans votre réflexion | We think along with you • Proactief | Proactivité | Proactive • Creatief | Créativité | Creative • Drietalig | Trilinguisme | Trilingual Wat we doen | Ce que nous faisons | What we do: • PR • Content marketing and copywriting • Business development • Internal communication We would love to work with you! Nous aimerions travailler pour vous ! Details of our services, as well as some of our clients, are provided below. To request an offer, write to We can help you with all your communication activities: • Press relations (PwC, BVBO/APEG, eWON, Look&Fin, Monizze) • Crisis communication (Van In, BKCP, BCC Corporate, MediaMarkt) • Newsletters (LCL, Globis, Expense Reduction Analysts) • Websites (TDM3, Paradigmo, • Campaigns (CNG, KMDA, Switch) • Customer case studies (Megabyte, Orone) • Social media (, ADD, Amazings) • E-mail marketing (Callens, Altares Dun & Bradstreet) • Employer Branding (Conxion, PwC) • Brochures (ADD, SimCorp, CD&V) We have experience in a wide range of sectors: • IT (Amplexor, CTG, Group Joos, Efficy) • Telecom (Evonet, Verixi, Hexacom) • Energy and utilities (Synergrid,, Mega, Energik) • Retail (Checkpoint Systems, easy-m/Switch, e5 mode) • Financial industry (Marsh, Leleux Associated Brokers, Fédérale Assurance) • Services (IPG, Harvest Group) • HR (Monster, Mercer, INC, Dehora) • Transport and logistics (Transporeon, Globis, Routing International) • Construction (Mapei, Vaillant) • Public sector (Fedict/BOSA, DG Sport, La Sambrienne, WBC-Incubator) • Medical and pharma (FeBelGen, Domus Medica, Archemin) • Agriculture (Belchim, Bi-PA) • Real estate (Colliers, PwC, EasyDay) • Leisure and lifestyle (B-Loved, BodyMindWellness, Fun, Faculty Club, YourNature) • Associations (ETSA, ECG, Educam, GS1) • Non-profit (Brailleliga/Ligue Braille, VVOB)
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Parle Anglais, Français, Néerlandais
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Fondée en 1993
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  • Description
    Luna creates visibility for you in the main media (traditional media as well as social media) and ensures this is geared to your needs. You can engage us to enhance your company’s image, increase your visibility or even position your company as an excellent employer. If bad news needs to be delivered, we ensure the damaging effects are limited by choosing the right crisis communication strategies for all your target groups. If you are planning an IPO or another major financial transaction, the right financial communication will help you to achieve your goal.

    Luna’s services are used by local businesses, international companies, government organisations, non-profit associations, federations and interest groups in every sector.
    Compétences en Relations publiques (RP) (56)
    PRRelations publiques (RP)Media RelationsCrisis MarketingPR ClippingPublic Statement WritingJournalist OutreachPress RelationsGreen Public RelationsPR Consulting+46
    Projets en Relations publiques (RP) (42)
    Ledea: Belgian start-up in fashion - Relations publiques (RP)
    Automatic Systems: secure entrance control - Relations publiques (RP)
    Devoteam/Paradigmo: Identity & Access Management - Relations publiques (RP)
    Wild Code School: training for new technology jobs - Relations publiques (RP)
    Avis clients en Relations publiques (RP) (4)
    Lien De Vos
    Alice Descamps
    Raphaël Mathieu
    Laura Berthoud
    Clients en Relations publiques (RP) (42)
    LedeaVente au détail | local
    ConXioNMatériel et Equipement IT | national
    Daddy KateUtilitaires | national
    E5Accessoires & vêtements | national

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  • Description
    We start with your communication strategy, and translate that strategy into interesting content. You can get the attention you deserve with a content calendar full of items of interest for your prospects and customers.
    Compétences en Stratégie de contenu (34)
    content strategieCopywritingContent MarketingStorytellingContent WritingSocial Media ManagementContent DevelopmentCreative CopywritingEducational ContentTranslation Services+24
    Projets en Stratégie de contenu (27)
    Automatic Systems: secure entrance control - Stratégie de contenu
    Devoteam/Paradigmo: Identity & Access Management - Stratégie de contenu
    Baltimo: Real-estate company - Stratégie de contenu
    Colasse: innovative light solutions - Stratégie de contenu
    Avis client en Stratégie de contenu (1)
    Todde Fabrice
    Clients en Stratégie de contenu (27)
    Uitgeverij Van InÉducation | national
    SwitchVente au détail | national
    La SambrienneImmobilier | local
    VerixiTélécommunications |

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  • Description
    Everything starts with a good story. Writing stories and texts is an art. Organisations that incorporate their message into a good story and manage to communicate it through the right channels, are one step ahead of the competition when it comes to corporate communications or product communications, for instance.
    We write for your different marketing platforms: online and offline, push and pull. Naturally, applying SEO.
    Compétences en Rédaction et traduction (48)
    Speech WritingEvent Content CreationContent MarketingCopywritingonline promotieonline reputatiecrisis marketingcrisiscommunicatiecopywriting reclamedigitale copywriting+38
    Projets en Rédaction et traduction (25)
    Automatic Systems: secure entrance control - Rédaction et traduction
    Devoteam/Paradigmo: Identity & Access Management - Rédaction et traduction
    Baltimo: Real-estate company - Rédaction et traduction
    Colasse: innovative light solutions - Rédaction et traduction
    Clients en Rédaction et traduction (25)
    SwitchVente au détail | national
    VerixiTélécommunications |
    ADDAssurance | national
    AmazingsVoyage et Loisirs | regional

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  • Description
    E-mail shots

    Does your organisation need to send e-mail shots that ask the recipient to take action, such as attend an event, download content, arrange a meeting or register for a promotional campaign? If you want to win people over, a professional approach needs to be taken in every area, including copywriting, layout and distribution. We can suggest clickbait topics that appeal to your target group, and can strike the right tone to ensure people want to carry on reading. In this way, you can obtain excellent results from your commercial mailshots, both online and offline.


    Whether you want to stay in touch with your many contacts, be top of mind among your prospects and suspects, or maintain contact with your existing customers to enable cross-selling: an external e-newsletter can help you achieve your goal. The secret is to give people information that is useful to them, and to tell them more about your business and your offer in the margins. People will be happy to give consent if they think the information they receive in return is worth it.

    We can help you to identify the right topics and can supply professional texts and translations. We start with the content, as we do in all our activities, and take care of the layout (template) and distribution of your newsletter.
    Compétences en Email Marketing (18)
    email marketingNewsletterDemand GenerationEmailingOutbound MailingEmail Copywritinge-mailene-mail reclamee-mail marketing campagneoutbound mailing+8
    Projets en Email Marketing (2)
    Devoteam/Paradigmo: Identity & Access Management - Email Marketing
    QAA: Training and coaching - Email Marketing
    Clients en Email Marketing (2)
    Qualified Audit Academy (QAA)Banque et Finance | regional
    Devoteam/ParadigmoLogiciels et services informatiques | national

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  • Description
    We develop a social media strategy and content calendar, together with you. We give you great ideas, we create the posts and can post them for you. We can do sponsored campaigns for you too, via a specialist.
    Compétences en Réseaux sociaux (8)
    Social Media ManagementSocial Media Contentsociaal netwerkréseaux sociauxsocial media campagnesociale mediacopy for social mediarédaction pour réseaux sociaux

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  • Description
    SEO-optimised texts make all the difference for your website / online marketing. We can help you with that, within the broader picture of your content marketing strategy.
    Compétences en Référencement naturel (5)
    Search Engine OptimizationWebsite SEOSEO CopywritingOrganic TrafficSEO

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  • Description
    We advise you how to set up your website (and socials), and we write and translate the content for you. We work with you in the long run, maintaining your website content-wise. We write regular news items, and we update your web content when and where relevant, in the different languages. We work on specific projects, such as making the recrutement / employer branding information on your website more attractive and complete.
    Last but not least: we work on lead generation projects, which can include a landing page on your website.
    Compétences en Stratégie digitale (19)
    Lead-AcquisitionCustomer AcquisitionMarketing StrategieProduct LanceringKlanten AcquisitieGlobale CommunicatieCharity MarketingOnline Game DevelopmentNonprofit MarketingInbound Lead Generation+9

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7 membres dans l'équipe de Luna

Luna cover
HistoireLuna’s team is ready to serve our customers proactively, creatively and with an entrepreneurial spirit. Most team members have prior experience in a communication role or as a journalist, and know how to get things done. The warm and caring core team consists of 3 native French speakers and 4 native Dutch speakers.
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Luna a été récompensé 3 fois

Prime à la consultance (Bruxelles)2023-5-31Bruxelles Economie et Emploi
Chèque-entreprise (Wallonie)2023-5-30prestataire labellisé
IPRN2023-6-1International PR Network

Avis clients

12 Avis clients pour Luna

(12 avis clients)
Raphaël MathieuChief Executive Officer at We Invest
ServiceRelations publiques (RP)

"Thanks to Luna, we were able to develop our brand awareness in Belgium, both in Wallonia and Flanders. They have an expertise we couldn't have internally, and which allowed us to reach the entire national press."

ServiceRelations publiques (RP)

Laura BerthoudCampaign coordinator ’30 Dagen Minder Wagen’ at Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit
ServiceRelations publiques (RP)

What was the objective behind your collaboration?We were charmed by their proposals for a regional approach to the press aspect of the campaign for '30 dagen minder wagen'

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?We enjoyed working with Luna. We found their way of communication pleasant, with a lot of enthusiasm and concrete ideas. Small things made them truly part of our team. We collaborated with professionalism but also care for the individuals behind the job titles."

Laura Berthoud recommends this agency

ServiceRelations publiques (RP)

Alice DescampsMarketing leader at Aldes Benelux
ServiceRelations publiques (RP)

What was the objective behind your collaboration?We were looking for a press agency to start a press communication. We needed a company that looked like us and was flexible.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?The Luna team is a human-sized team that fits our DNA. They are flexible and professional. Moreover, they take the understanding of our business to heart.

Alice Descamps recommends this agency

ServiceRelations publiques (RP)

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  • Siège socialSteenbergstraat 26, 1560 Hoeilaart, Belgium

  • Steenbergstraat 26, 1560 Hoeilaart, Belgium

  • 4ième Rue 33, 6040 Charleroi, Belgium