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Our mission is to help you find product-market fit and grow Creating sustainable growth through digital innovation is difficult. Requiring first that the project scope is aligned with the targeted market’s needs. And then to conceive the best solution that matches the expectations of customers. At the heart of our team there is a simple will; help the dreamers and leaders to build cool stuff. From initial idea to market-ready products; we’ll guide you -- and bring your vision to life. We follow a customer-centric approach based on data-gathering and lean development We combine strong technical expertise with in-depth digital strategic advice and deliver our services across four key phases: analyze, design, build and grow. When you work with us, you are partnering with a tried and tested team of experts who are passionate about strategy and technology. We develop products step by step while constantly analyzing customers’ behaviour. This gives us the power to strive for constant product improvements and increase our chances of meeting your customers’ needs -- and your target goals as a business. But that's only half the story. We don’t know your business like you do. Only through collaboration we can create great work that is truly tailored to your business. We strive to understand each company we support -- by sharing the same vision, a clear roadmap, and an eye on the future. At Yüma, we follow 4 principles : 1. Create tailor-made solutions Each client, each market and each company is different. There are no packaged solutions. 2. Start small, scale fast At first, we conceive the smallest solution to reduce our time-to-market drastically. Our goal is to get customers feedbacks as early as possible. 3. Continuously make improvements No long-term plan based on intuition. Data from customers drive us along the road. With iterative testing, we have the freedom to adapt and theorize changes quickly and efficiently. 4. Deliver high quality products to grow Creating beautiful, user centric designs for optimal user experience will drive growth. We create things that keep your customers coming back again and again. We're just passionate about product design and digital strategy We’re a team of designers, developers, and growth strategists who create beautiful websites, user-friendly apps, and astounding digital experiences for our clients and their customers. We measure performances and adapt the solution to achieve expected results. This scientist approach allows to get faster results and at the end, more adoption. Life is too short to build projects that nobody wants. We specialize in: Customer experience Product strategy User experience (UX) App architecture Prototyping User interface (UI) User-testing Digital products Websites Web apps Mobile apps Content management systems (CMS) Search engine optimization (SEO) Data science Web analytics Data visualization (Dashboarding) Automation Conversion rate optimization Growth hacking Want to learn more about our process? Say hello to the team at info@yumastudio.co
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    Projet en Application web (1)
    Tafsquare - Product strategy - Application web
    Client en Application web (1)
    TafsquareLogiciels et services informatiques | national

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    Projets en Création de site internet (3)
    Tafsquare - Product strategy - Création de site internet
    Shiftmeapp - Website development & Automation - Création de site internet
    Boutique55 - E-commerce website development - Création de site internet
    Clients en Création de site internet (3)
    TafsquareLogiciels et services informatiques | national
    Boutique55E-commerce | national
    ShiftmeappLogiciels et services informatiques | national

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3 projets ajoutés par Yüma studio

Tafsquare - Product strategy
Tafsquare - Product strategy

Projet réalisé pour Tafsquare dans l'industrie Logiciels et services informatiques pour un public B2B / B2C en 2019.We optimized the website of Tafsquare in order to help them tackle several issues they were facing as a matching platform. Our mission was to provide strategic and technical insights in order to : * Increase the number of projects created on the platform * Improve the sales process for professionals subscribersIt is in that scope that : * We analyzed their processes, data and customer feedbacks * Raised hypothesis on how to improve the results -- based on the pain points we identified * Designed new processes aiming at increasing their productivity and their product efficiency * Developed several product improvements in terms of flows, automation and SEO * Defined new pricing plans and revenue strategy

Application webCréation de site internetRéférencement naturel+2
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Shiftmeapp - Website development & Automation
Shiftmeapp - Website development & Automation

Projet réalisé pour Shiftmeapp dans l'industrie Logiciels et services informatiques pour un public B2B en 2017.We created a brand new website on Wordpress to help our client generate new leads.First, we made the whole implementation of the website based on mockups another designer already made.As soon as the website was completed, we integrated analytics tools to analyze prospect's behavior on the platform. We started to discover several issues in the content we were providing and improved step by step the platform.In the meanwhile, we integrated Hubspot CRM in order to help Shiftmeapp to manage its sales pipe and automated with Mailchimp all the emails that are triggered after specific CRM events.As soon as everything was set up, our goal was to develop a Dashboard on Google Datastudio in order to provide a clear overview of sales and platform performance.

Création de site internetData Consulting
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Boutique55 - E-commerce website development
Boutique55 - E-commerce website development

Projet réalisé pour Boutique55 dans l'industrie E-commerce pour un public B2C en 2018.We created a brand new website for Boutique55 who wanted to sell online in Israel.We built the e-commerce on Shopify and integrated all the necessary tools in order to fully automate order delivery.Also, we setup multiple tools to analyse the shopping behavior on the website, and they have now internal teams that have access to the data to improve the flows and increase sales.

Création de site internet
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Anaïs ChauveauFounder chez Croq'biot

Thomas ChappazProduct Owner chez Belfius The Studio

Régis DenblydenMarketing Manager chez Tafsquare

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  • Siège social231 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

  • Zuidlaan 145, 1000 Brussel, Belgium


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